The bearish potential retains in Euro, with respect to the overall weekly-pattern as [W – Triangle X – Y] which its Minor wave Y remains in progress.

The expected target for decline in Intermediate wave (C) is around 0.95318, where equals 0.618 times the length of the wave (A) of the same degree.

EURUSD - Weekly

2 thoughts on “EURUSD

  1. Raj

    Now it’s even more confusing. With your weekly counts on EU and DX, you are saying both are bearish. Now for eur/usd to be bearish, DX has to be bullish and vice versa. Am i missing something? Can you please clarify.

    1. elliottchart Post author

      Yes, that’s right. The last update on DX in weekly frame could be just as a bearish possibility, which we must respect, due to the bullish views on Gold and Silver.
      Also, based upon this alternate count should temporarily suspend the Euro’s bearish-count.


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