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Dollar/Yen in the daily frame :

The bearish expanding diagonal since last June, denoting by its Minor-degree subdivisions, has corrected to the Fibonacci 0.5 retracement level so far.

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USDJPY - Daily



Bearish Outlook :

With respect to the bearish diagonal (A), as a five-wave structure down of Intermediate degree, the early-June high should remains intact as the high extreme of the advance since November 2011.

Note : Following a trend by a leading diagonal in opposite direction, indicates a trend revarsal.

USDJPY - Weekly


After consolidating for straight weeks in Euro, as Minor wave 4 triangle, an ultimate decline in Minor wave 5 should ensue now.

With respect to this bearish count, the extreme high of the triangle at 1.10596 must hold. The expected target is 1.03302, where the Minor-degree first and fifth waves are equal.

EURUSD - Daily


Also as explained on this Gold’s daily-chart, the Medium-term bear trend could have ended by an expanding diagonal, which has denoted by its Minor-degree subdivisions.

Hence, the December 3 low at 1045 should be respected now as a substantial extreme.

Gold - Daily