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The U.S. Index has worked marching in place the week, so far. The short-term bearish case  (the complex wave C in progress) well remains intact.

There are differing options that the entire correction as the Intermediate wave (4) could have developed, till here. A viable possibility, one that we should respect, is that the wave (4) would remain in the late stages of an ending diagonal in its Minor-degree wave C, as a flat correction.

DX - Daily



Short-term Bearish View :

In the U.S. Dollar’s daily chart, there are differing options that the entire pattern as Intermediate wave (4) can take over the coming months.

The three straight days decline of this week would indicate that downside correction in the Minor wave C could have remained in progress, so that will become more complex and last longer than it has so far.

DX - Daily


As shown on this daily chart, Gold could have extended its Minor wave 3 to today’s 1280.7 intraday high, and correcting down in Minor wave 4 is expected.

Note : Considering the time spent of the price volatility as triangle fourth-wave, the wave degrees adjusted to Minute.

Gold - Daily


Sideways Developing :

There is no change in sideways outlook for Dollar Index. The prices remain in the process of correcting in the fourth-wave’s volatility over the coming months.

With respect to a triangle correction as Intermediate wave (4), its Minor waves A and B are complete, wave C may have ended too, and the waves D up and E down likely lie ahead.

DX - daily


Dollar/Yen in the daily frame :

The bearish expanding diagonal since last June, denoting by its Minor-degree subdivisions, has corrected to the Fibonacci 0.5 retracement level so far.

Have A Nice Weekend!

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USDJPY - Daily


Platinum’s bear market :

In the Platinum’s bear market since 2008, it is expected the Primary wave B(circle) to develop in further time during, with respect to duration of the same degree previous correction in triangle wave 4(circle) (1980-1998).

In accordance with this concept, a trend change in medium term is anticipated now.

Platinum - Quarterly


Bullish Outlook :

The bullish stance in Dollar/Yen remains intact, with respect to the consolidating in three straight weeks, that occurs prior to continue the advance in Minor-degree wave 5.

Based upon the bullish view, more extending in Intermediate-degree advance of wave (5) would eventually carry the Dollar/Yen to at least the 126.564 and potentially far above this level.

USDJPY - Weekly


Bearish Outlook :

The last week’s persistent decline and closing below 1.1097, indicates the Euro’s bearish stance in an Intermediate-degree trend (as the wave (C) of Primary wave Y).

The expected target for the decline in wave (C) is around 0.95318, where equals 0.618 times the length of the wave (A) of the same degree.

EURUSD - Weekly

Crude Oil

The bearish stance remains intact on this daily frame. The Crude Oil may still decline further before the third wave of Minute wave v (circle) terminates. The immediate target could be around the 45.93.

The minimum objective for the extreme of the fifth wave is below the recent lows area.

Crude Oil - Daily